The Black Gate , Newcastle Upon Tyne. UK. Images of the Black Gate.

Early History of the Black Gate

'Truly a grim, rugged and imposing structure, roomy on plan, and of considerable height as viewed from the north, where it rises from the steep declivity at the foot of which flowed a feeder of the Lort burn, now the Side... ’(Arch. Ael.,4th ser., vol.II., page 40.)

The Black Gate was a formidable addition to the exposed western side of the castle site in A.D. 1247 by King Henry III. It is essentailly a barbican : in this case an unusually designed outwork consisting of two parallel walls extending from a gateway with a secondary gate at the outer end. Two walls, one of which remains, projected across the Castle moat from a gate that existed in the curtain wall and the Black Gate stood across them at an angle of 45°.

It's unique unusual position enabled the whole length of the western wall and ditch of the castle to be monitored from the Black Gate. map

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The front of the Black Gate. Copyright

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